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Technologies & Work-flow

Our company policy is to supply consistently stable products faithful to the original design through tireless investigations into process technologies.
Specialty glass technologies are advancing and customers are demanding more from their products; we are proud to invest in our technological prowess in order to supply products that meet customer needs.

General Manufacturing Processes

1. Materials

Material Selection
We can also work with materials supplied by the customer.

2. Forming Processes

Cutting, external processing (forming square, round or uneven shapes), drilling holes, stepping, tapering, counterboring, beveling, other processes.

3. Glass Processes

Grinding to produce opacity or grain as dictated by a mesh.

4. Polishing Processes

Buffing, pad polishing, flame polishing, Oscar-type polishing, precision polishing using a simultaneous lapping method.

5. Cleaning

Clean water, ultrasound waves, pharmaceuticals, etc.

6. Testing

Tests run according to various regulations

7. Packaging & Shipment

We can work with all shipping routes, designated carriers, or even pick-ups. If necessary, products can be delivered by Seiken Precision Glass.