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Privacy policy

On this website (www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/; hereinafter "this website"), Seiken Precision Glass has defined the following policy regarding the protection of personal information online.

1) Personal information is defined here as the name, gender, age, address, telephone number, email address, or other personally identifiable information about the individual accessing the Seiken Precision Glass website ("the website user").
2) Seiken Precision Glass does not collect personal information or disclose personal information to any third party without permission. Personal information could be disclosed without the consent of the website user if Seiken Precision Glass were required to do so by law, for example for a lawsuit or investigation.
3) Each time personal information is disclosed to Seiken Precision Glass when a website user submits a questionnaire or requests services or information, the personal inform2ation disclosed is at the discretion of the website user.
4) Seiken Precision Glass does compile and release statistical data on access to this website, but personal information about the website users is not released or disclosed to any third party.
5) When Seiken Precision Glass or a third party advertising sponsor publishes a questionnaire, offers prizes on this website, or runs some other campaign involving the disclosure of personal information, personal information about website users responding to the questionnaire or other campaign will be supplied to a third party.
6) When a website user provides personally identifiable personal information in a written enquiry sent to Seiken Precision Glass by email, the email may be forwarded to the division or contact person appropriate for confirmation and management of the enquiry. In this case, the personal information will be handled by the absolute minimum number of Seiken Precision Glass personnel necessary and will not be disclosed to any third party without specific consent. Seiken Precision Glass personnel include lawyers, patent attorneys, and certified public accountants appointed by Seiken Precision Glass.
7) Seiken Precision Glass is not responsible for the protection of personal information supplied by the website user to third party websites to which this website is linked. Website users should refer to the personal information policies defined on each website link.