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Regading use of the SEIKEN GLASS website

Users must agree to and accept the terms of use below when using the Seiken Precision Glass website (http://www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/) (this Website). These terms of use are subject to change, so users should confirm the latest terms of use. This Website is linked to websites operated by Seiken Precision Glass affiliates. When using such linked websites, users must agree to and accept the terms of use published on the linked websites.

Seiken Precision Glass, affiliated companies, or third parties own the copyright of the contents of this Website (including but not limited to text, documents, images, and audio). Secondary use including but not limited to duplicating, diverting, or selling the content of this Website without permission is forbidden regardless of whether such secondary use is for profit, non-profit or intranet purposes.
The trade names, trademarks, emblems, logos, and other items used on this Website are owned by Seiken Precision Glass, affiliated companies, or third parties and are protected under trademark law, unfair competition prevention law, commercial law, and other laws. The use of these various trademarks is expressly forbidden without the permission of the trademark owner.
Publishing the URL
When publishing the URL of this Website in websites, publications, printed materials, documents, or other locations, please choose one of the following formats:
1. http://www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/
2. www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/
Disclaimer and linking conditions
Seiken Precision Glass takes no responsibility for problems arising from linking or questions of damages. Such issues should be treated as the responsibility of the individual that made the link. We reject links from the following types of websites:
*Websites that slander Seiken Precision Glass or Seiken Precision Glass group companies, their executives, or employees
*Websites that slander the products and services of Seiken Precision Glass or Seiken Precision Glass group companies
*Websites providing information that may be illegal
*Websites providing information that may contradict social ethics or be obscene
*Websites that do not make clear that the contents are the Seiken Precision Glass Website, for example by embedding this Website within an independent frame
Linking methods
Please use the following method when linking with this Website. However, if you have instructions on how to link with the page you are viewing, please follow those instructions. Links may be altered or deleted without prior notice. When creating the link, please use the page title or URL. It is possible to link to any page in this Website.
<a href="http://http://www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/">SEIKEN PRECISION GLASS</a>
<a href="http://http://www.seiken-glass.co.jp/english/products/">Glass Products : SEIKEN PRECISION GLASS</a>
*Seiken Precision Glass does not guarantee or accept responsibility for the appropriateness and accuracy of information contained on this Website.
*Please understand that the content or URL of this Website may be changed, or suspended, or the operation thereof ceased, without prior notice.
*Regardless of the reason, Seiken Precision Glass does not assume responsibility for any damages arising from changes to the content of this Website or from suspension or cessation of the operation.
Applicable laws and jurisdiction
The terms of use and interpretations of this Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided. The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive first jurisdiction for all disputes related to these conditions and any other matters concerning the use of this Website.