Our continuing research improves glass technology

Specialty glass is widely used in high technology products in our lives.
We embrace monozukuri (production) by improving glass processing technology that applies to advanced technology and to production technology, enabling state-of-art designing.
Glass technology always presents the possibility of a significant leap forward in the quality of our lives.
You can see the future through all the specialty glass produced by Seiken Precision Glass.

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AREKORE Terminology Interesting Facts About Glass

Since the foundation of Seiken Precision Glass in 1974, the company has utilized its unique expertise in the pursuit of R&D on specialty glass products for major manufacturers, Sony Corporation, Canon Inc., Nikon Corporation, Olympus Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation...
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Seiken Precision Glass buys in and stocks the glass materials manufactured by the following companies.
Corning Incorporated
Tosoh Quartz Corporation
Schott AG » More